28 October, 2007


Well this was a theory assignment. I had to create a Magazine cover, for "Markings" a body modification magazine. and then I had to print it off in RGB (Red/Green/Blue), then convert it to CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/black) and print it, then convert it back to RGB and try and get the colours back.
the printing part I'm not sure if it worked out right... But I like how the cover turned out! :)

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Cosmetic Shot

This was a basic commercial shoot. with some fancy lighting. We had to use one main light to light everything. Then we had to light for each of the items in the shot: defused lighting for the shiny surfaces, specular highlights to show textures, etc etc.. I had 4 lights, and 2 reflectors for this.
Then we had to close crop the whole thing in Photoshop, and drop it on a made-up background.

The Family Shoot

This was a fun assignment. I had to take a picture of a group of people, at least 3, and try different poses.
We tried some different classical poses first, but this is difficult to do with little children who have lots of energy! (especially if it is colder, ad outside..)
so we started into some different stuff.
This one was the best expressions from everyone! :)

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Cyanotype Print

... (Or otherwise known as a blueprint)
Hey there everyone! Just some quick updates. this is my cyanotype print I had to do for my history and design class. this was one of the first processes developed in the 1840's, and it has been in use up until the few years as the "blueprint".
along with being fairly old, and the most simple process, it's also one of the safest. (as long as you don't accidentally heat up the Potassium Ferricyanide over 300^F, or drop it in some form of strong acid, you are fine. it is used at room temperature and mixed with Ammonium Citrate. simple!)
this is the print I made from the digital negative mentioned earlier.

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17 October, 2007

". . . when I'm 65."

well, I had a lot of fun with this one.
this here is me. I had to take a photo of myself, and a photo of my father, and try to make myself age at least 20 years.
In my case I didnt have any easily accessable photos of my Dad, I DID find a photo of my grandfather though.

Once I found this one, I tried to match the lighting as best as possible. the on camera flash was easy; however, the light from the window was a little trickier. I decided to do what I could with a second flash bouncing off of the drawn blinds. Once I got the photos, it took me probably 6 hr's of photoshoping to match, blend, blur, and clone in the necessary bits to create this!
this is me in about 40 years.. :)

Thanks go to a great grandfather, and good genes.. I couldnt look this good without them.

11 October, 2007

Fashion Shoot

Well, this is all I have for now. This one was supposed to be a high fashion shoot, on location somewhere.
I had an immage for this one, but I had trouble getting a model (thanks to Jenn for filling in! :))and a location and time to get it done. so it ended up being a rush job. but I actually like how it turned out, and I got a few different shots that I really like. This one is one of the ones the teacher said she liked as well..

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Child Shoot

This cute little guy was my subject for my child shoot assignment.
I had to find a child under 5 and then do a portrait session with him, capturing who the child is (are they full of energy, shy, exhibitionists. Do they like books, toys, etc...) This was my final product.

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Alternitave Processes

for our History and Design class this year, we are actually learning various types of alternative processes. so far we have been shown the Van Dyke process, the Salted print, and the Cyanotype process. I have made some images using the Cyanotype process already, although I need to finish the project still.
almost all of these processes are contact prints. Which means that we have have a negative th same size as the print we want to make. This image is of a Digital negative I made for this project. I have to take a picture, change it to greyscale, change the colour range from B&W to white & kind of a peachy colour (Which blocks the specific wave lengths of colour that the processes are sensitive to). Then I had to print it on a sheet of special plastic with an emulsion on it that absorbs inkjet ink. then I had my negative!

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Commercial Travel

This one had to be a still life for a travel magazine or something. we had to put something together that would denote travel in some way. or a "wish you were here" theme or some thing like that.
I enjoyed this one more, because I got to book the new 2nd year studio that is available, and use the phase-back medium format that is there! :) (it's a 16 megapixle camera) and I didn't have to worry about people interrupting, or having to rush.. it was quite nice actually! I'm looking forward to getting to do some portraits in there sometime...

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Couples Shoot

The assignment for this one was to get a couple, and take pictures of them out doors, at sunset or sunrise, and capture them being cute, cuddly, romantic etc.. It had to be a nice soft romantic shoot.
I think they're cute enough! :) (I got %79 for it!)

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Sports Commercial

well, this one was for Commercial Advertising class. We had to do a still life layout of sports equipment. I went to Zellers bought the soccer ball and shin guards (returning them after the shoot!) and did this setup in the studio.

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Location Architecture

well, it's that time again. The time when I have just done a crazy couple of weeks worth of projects and assignments, and I'm procrastinating on the next batch. So, I'll catch you guys up on what I've been doing. :)
This one was for my Location lighting class.

We had to find a building and photograph it with the glow still in the sky. Then we had to wait until it was full dark, and take another exposure for the windows, and the lighting inside, so we could end up with a dark silhouete of a building, with warm glowing lights inside, and a nice evening sky behind it.
I, of course, chose a hard building, because it had outdoor lighting. So I had to make another exposure for the building and make the exterior dark, and then blend all three images together into one. :P

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