23 February, 2007

Displacement maping

ok, last one for now:
This one is from the photoshop course, I had to make a selection around the dinosaur, and then take the ground and place it behind him, and then we put the "map" over the skin of the dinosaur.

we copied the dinosaur from underneath, then we took the selection of the shadow and darkened that area of the new ground.

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CD Cover

this one was kindof interesting because we had to create a CD case. I ended up doing the cover, the inside (the first picture here) the back cover (second picture) and the cd itself. Jenn had the idea for the band name, and came up with the song names. it was fun using all the different aspects of photoshop that I've learned to get it done.

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Hopefully I'll do better on this one then the last couple I've turned in. I've been either second guessing myself, or having a DEVIL of a time getting decent prints at school. But I do like this one the best, and I believe it matches all the criteria for the shoot. It had to be done with a deadpan face, and made to look like only one light. very "minimal".

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Food Add

Yes it is the same shot as the food shot I did earlier. We had to take that shot and insert text and images etc to make a believable advertisement out of it. This was taken from a friend of mine who had the idea for a Livingroom Cafe. So heres her add. :)

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Back again!

ahhh wonderful procrastination...
yes I have a pile of assignments to put up here. I've been either working hard trying to get things caught up, or putting it off so I wouldnt get too depressed. :)
Anyhoo, as a procrastination for my current work, I'll post all the other assignments I've been putting off. :)

Ok, so this was the last attempt to get this assignment done before it was due. I did 3 different shoots to try and get this done. and I still didn't get it exactly right. I was supposed to get everyone at full length. ahh well..

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10 February, 2007

The Glamour Shoot

this one was fun. A little bit stressful, but fun. We had to find a model, and then shoot them in the style of George Hurrell. (look him up online) he started what was known as "hollywood portraits" very glamorous, and dreamy. I like this one, I think it could have been better, but I was REALLY pressed for time. (I literally ran from the studio because it was closing!) :)

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MMmmmm, fooood...

Well, this was our first assignment for comercial catalogue. we had to take a piece of food (recomended desert!) and make it look good enough to eat! :)
I think I did pretty good. now the next part will be to get a decent print out of it...