19 September, 2007

And so it Begins again...

Here, jadies and lentelmen, we have a colour target. used for measuring how your printer is producing colours and tones. the numbers refer to Photoshop values, and the pictures should give a good tonal range to measure with. Some of the best ones have everything from fruit, to different light sources, to shiny spoons, to rugs to skin tones, to red velvet.
This was the first assignment we had, that I completed. Not to worry though, there are more on the way!

13 September, 2007

Back to school eh?

*sighs* yes it IS another year (hard to believe eh!?) I spent the summer back east in my favoritest little town ever, Alma. I did some professional shooting (for money) and some more professional shooting (not for money). and tried to make enough to pay back my loans I had to take out for my equipment. :P
Now I am back to school again, and the assignments are starting to come in. this blog should be in full swing in another week or two. ('cause I'm sure everyone is all excited to see what wonderful new things I'm going to learn this year!) :P
anyway, I will post again soon, probably with some real pictures! :)