25 April, 2008


Well all. that is the end of THIS journey. I'm done school, and I'll be moving back to NB soon. I want to thank everyone who helped me, by posing, letting me shoot in their house/work/yard etc, or by supporting me with food, shelter, and any number of other ways that everyone has helped.
The last assignment I had to finish was my website. it is now up finally, and almost the way I want it to look. I plan to keep tweaking it over the next while, and then I'll keep adding to it, and making it bigger and better! :) check it out at:
Thanks again everyone, and keep an eye out here for updates on the next stage of my life! :)


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Ring gift box

This was the last commercial assignment I had to do. We had to shoot a watch, or something that we showed to him, using back lighting and reflectors or other lights to fill in and create highlights. there was 3 lights for this one, and 2 or 3 silver and white reflectors.

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Annual Report

this is the cover to my annual report I had to make. there were seven more pages to the report, but I'm not going to put those up. :) I went to Philosophers Wool to take photos of the sheep, and the yarn, and the yarn shop. I went to a commercial spinning mill here in Mississauga, and got some factory shots. And I had Jenn pose for a CEO shot as well. it came together quite well I think!

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Character portrait

We are getting toward the end here now. This was a character portrait I had to do. I got my friend at school to dress up all gangstaish and pose for me. :) I like how the lighting worked out on this... coulda had some more separation though.. :P

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Photographers portrait

This is one of the photographers that I interned with. There were two others that helped me out as well. I'd like to thank all three of them for the experiences and for helping me get through my final semester.

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model comp card

This was a model comp card I had to design. A comp card is usually a double sided card (around 5x7) with 3+ photos of the model on it, and contact information and sizing stats sometimes too. This is my friend Joanne who was kind enough to pose for me. :)

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plain and simple. I actually like it though! We just had to shoot the glasses using some certian kind of light, and make it look interestingish.. :)

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Executive portrait

Yes, it's not TOO executive like.. But I efel it met the main requirements of the assignment. Ie: it showed someone in control and in charge of their environment. besides it's a good photo of Dave.. :)

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Celebrity shot

Do you know who this is?
This was my submission for the celebrity shot we had to do for my location class. This is Stuart McLean from CBC radio. He agreed to meet me at Glen Gould studios for about 1/2 an hr for a shoot. My equipment failed at times, and I lacked an assistant, but I think the whole shoot went very well.

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Model car?

Yes it IS a model car. We had to shoot a model car in the studio, and composite the different shots that were made for lighting on different parts of the car. The wheels, the rims, the highlights on the chrome, the front of the car etc.. were all different shots.
Then we had to shoot a background to drop the car onto, to try and make it look real.

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24 April, 2008

Back, done, and a... kitchen?

Yes a kitchen.
was an residential interior shoot I had to do. I ended up using the
kitchen that the photographer I interned with had setup in his kitchen.
there was two lights bounced off theceiling, a softbox under the counter, and all the tungsten lighting turned on. (the one over the sink was goboed to prevent flare on the counter.)
another note, I have been CRAZY busy the last 2 months, but I am now
done! I will be moving back to NB shortly, and then figuring out what
to do with the rest of my life. I have 9 more assignments to put up
here, so bear with me.. :)

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