17 October, 2007

". . . when I'm 65."

well, I had a lot of fun with this one.
this here is me. I had to take a photo of myself, and a photo of my father, and try to make myself age at least 20 years.
In my case I didnt have any easily accessable photos of my Dad, I DID find a photo of my grandfather though.

Once I found this one, I tried to match the lighting as best as possible. the on camera flash was easy; however, the light from the window was a little trickier. I decided to do what I could with a second flash bouncing off of the drawn blinds. Once I got the photos, it took me probably 6 hr's of photoshoping to match, blend, blur, and clone in the necessary bits to create this!
this is me in about 40 years.. :)

Thanks go to a great grandfather, and good genes.. I couldnt look this good without them.


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