07 January, 2008

Final exam

This was the final exam for portraiture class. I had to redo my outdoor group shot, and these guys helped me out. I spent a few hrs in Photoshop creating the shadows that make it more of a portrait. this was actually taken with an on board flash.

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Beer (or liquid) shoot

THIS one was fun and very difficult to finish off right. there was a lot of Photoshopping afterward to make the bottle pop just right. and during the shoot there was 4 photos needed: one to light the props right, one to light the labels right, one to light the liquid right, and a mask so I could separate the bottle from the background. for me, lighting the liquid was the hardest, bcause I had to remove ALL the props (including the sand!) and keep the bottle in the same position, and then light the bottle from behind. I dropped a ocean shot in behind from this past summer in Alma.
(And yes I enjoyed it afterward as well! :) I had saved this schooner since Aug. just for this shoot!)

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Low Key Portrait

This one I thought turned out much better then the I was graded for, but ahh well. :) this was a low key portrait. it had to be darker colours on a black background. I used about 4 different lights to create the highlights needed to separate the subject from the background.

High key

This wasn't my personal choice for the best photo of the shoot, but it was the one that matched the assignment the best. (I thought)
The assignment was for a high key portrait, that was full length. nothing in the photo could be darker than skin colour, and on top of the I had to light so that the floor was white as well, and there should be no shadows.

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Electronics shot with movement

This assignment was to shoot a piece of electronic equipment in such a way as to imply movement. We could do this in the camera if we wanted, by dragging the shutter and having a tungsten light source on the background. I however opted to create it in photoshop. it took a supprising amount of work to make this look like this.

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indoor Family shoot

This assignment was to shoot a family of 3 or more indoors using controlled lighting, but on location (not in the studios) and create a group/family portrait.

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Time shoot

this one was to shoot a timepiece in such a way as to have a sculpted soft highlight, with a harsher specular shadow.

Steamwhistle Brewery

This was a location shoot we did at the Steamwhistle brewery in downtown Toronto. it was rather fun. you can see in the top left corner where they are in relation to the sky... uh.. Rogers center.

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Restaurant shoot

This one was fun. I had to go contact a restaurant to get them to let me shoot during a time when they were closed. I actually found a place called Gabriel's Place, which worked out wonderfully, and had this great interior!

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This one is an example of some of the things I've been doing in photoshop class lately.. there is a lot more I have been doing, but I lack some of those examples.. :)

yes, I know...

Well... yes it IS 2008... Maybe it IS time to update this blog eh? I suppose I should get all these photos up before I start into this last semester. :)

well I'll start out here with my editorial location shoot. this was taken at a local drive-in near Mississauga.

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