12 March, 2006

taking a break...

This is me and Jen before our night out two weeks ago.
Ahhhhh, I've got the main part of my paper done, and I'm taking a break for the evening. :) back to the grind tomorow. Other then writing for the last couple days I haven't been doing much. I brought my car back from the car port this weekend, so I've got my wheels again! Sometime I've got to get a post up for the other blog. check it out it's in my links: fredericton cabby.
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11 March, 2006

The first ever!

Ahhhh what a life. Here I am two days and four pages to go, and I'm writing in a blog. . . I'm not sure what my Proff. would think of me! Well, as long as I don't make too many grammatical mistakes I should be fine.
SO! Welcome to my little space. I've resisted starting one of these, because I've always felt they are a dumbing down of what it has always meant to have a webpage. Although as a means to procrastinate, this is a wonderful way to go.

I'm getting myself ready to finish the term in the one class I'm in, and I'm also getting ready to move, pack, apply for loans and jobs. and basically just going crazy. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year and being in a new place.
allright. I'll get myself back to work! check back again for more updates!