25 April, 2007

Commercial Exam

and finally this was the practical exam I did today for commercial class. we were given a juice box to shoot as soon as we showed up, and told we had 2 hours to make a finished print. this was my final product.

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Juice Shot

And finally commercial class! this was the infamous liquid shot (originally the wine and cheese shot) and we had to use the dreaded SPEEDOTRONS! which are studio flash generators which are connected to flash heads by cables. VERY high voltages, (900v @ 500amps for those of you who know your electricity) the teacher had been scaring us for weeks about what not to do with these units so everyone was nervous. but it actually went rather well. we had to put some sort of background to the image so I threw something togther. I think it's kinda cute :)

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Polerizing filter

We were given this assignment to show us what a polerizing filter can do. (and because it is the only filter we cant replicate in photoshop.) On the leftis the picture taken with the polerizer on. and the right is with the polerizer off. it is used to cut reflections from glass, water, and shiny objects.

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Selective Colouring

These two were taken on a walk with Jenn a couple weeks ago. I decided to use it for a project for printing class. I had to take a picture and make selective changes to the colours to make it "better". I increased the sky, the leaves on the ground, and changed the colour of the leaves to the red as you see in the picture below.

Previsualization of Zones

This was an interesting (and stressfull) project. we had to use, and show how we used (the red circles) the Zone system. so I had to take a meter reading of certian places, and then decide where I wanted those tones to be in the exposure, and how contrasty the picture needed to be. the first one here is the low key's everything should be from middle grey and darker. I metered the skin tones, and the blacks. the one bellow is the High key, and I metered the skin tones and the whites.

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Digital Imaging Midterm

This one was the midterm for Photoshop class. we had to take each image here, and put it all togther on this background. (in a hour) including all the shadows, hooks etc.

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High Speed Flash

This was a fun one to try. I had to freeze motion using a flash (rather then a fast shutter speed). I had to trigger the flash at just the moment that the spray was comming out of the bottle. I like how it turned out, however I had the lighting slightly wrong so my mark was deducted abit...

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This was the last assignment we had in Location lighting. We had to take a photo of hands showing some emotion using the self-contained flash units. I had to use the same flash units for the previous couples shoot as well. I liked how this one turned out.

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Couples shoot

This was another one of the funnest shoots I'm done. the lady is a friend from back in NB and moved to the area, so I got to reconnect with her, as well she is getting married! (congrats!) we spent 2-3 hours in different poses and places, and ended up with lots of good stuff. this shot was one of the best thechnically, but there were others I liked better.

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Colour Shoot

I ended up with two photo shoots for this assignment (which was to do a shoot based on colour, in the style of Annie leibovitz) I made 2 decent prints from each shoot and asked the teacher what he liked most. This one was the winner. unfortunately there wasnt quite enough colour. but what there is, works well together.

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Karsh Shot

This was one of the funnest shoots I've done so far. She was quite the character, and very expressive! unfortunately it wasn't teribly "karsh" like. but my teacher, upon reflection of the contact sheets, decided that this was who this person was, and decided he really liked it! I ended up with 100% for this!

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Character Study

well, this is going to be fast, because I have exams to (ahem) not procrastinate for! :)
This was back in early march, and was my Character Study for portrait class. we had to shoot a B&W image showing a character.

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07 April, 2007

Portrait Enhancement

Well this one is actually a photo I took during my mid-term practical exam. but the assignment was for photoshop, where we had to take an image and then use techniques we had been taught to enhance the photo. these are the before and after images.

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06 April, 2007

Multi Flash

This is the one Jenn was waiting for:

So this was a Location Lighting assignment. we had to "paint with flash" or something to that effect. Jenn came out with me at least twice, and helped me by posing, and driving me around, and just helping me out until all hours of the morning. In order to do this shot we had to setup the camera open the shutter, and then run around and set off the flash many times.
Oh, BTW, I cut my hair... ;)

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Displacement maps II

This was essentially the same as the dinosaur, except that we had
to provide the content, and decide how we were going to put it
I started with a shot of my bed, and then I took a picture of pine needles and cones, and a picture of a cloudy sky, and overlayed (or displaced them) on top of my bed.

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Colour print

Isn't this lovely?
We had to take a colour shot, with colour as a significant part of the composition. then we had to go get it printed at a lab somewhere. I ran out of time and inspiration, and ended up with this. It might actually be ok, but I just had so much else to do. this and the next 4-5 were all due on the same day.

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Off Model Fashion

Commercial class had us do an off model shoot. we hd to pick a piece of clothing and then pin it (to a board) or hang it, and stuff it etc.. make it look good, and then light it, shoot it, and print it. this was my contribution. :)

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The Multi-image group project

This was quite a challenge. we were told last semester that photographers have a tendency
to not work very well in groups. well... they were right! half the
class (16 people) were assigned to work on this image. each person had
a number, and they had to add something to the image, and then pass it
on to the next person. This is what it looked like after my
contribution, even though I was only number 5. Mine was the cat in the trees, with lightening coming from her eyes. (Some people might recognize aslan!) we have yet to figre out what we got for a mark on this one.

The theme was Dreams and Nigtmares

The Electronics Shoot

Well this one was just a straight forward shoot. we
had to setup something electronic, and take a picture of it, then make
a background behind it (either in photoshop or as shot, or a separate photo).


Sun Sync Flash

So this one can be self explanitory; however, it might not be imediately obvious. this was an exercise in manipulating the flash to match ambient light, or to make the ambient light dominant, or to use it as a fill light. if you look closely, you can see that some of the pictures are slightly over powered with the flash, and some others are just filled in with the flash.

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03 April, 2007

The Watch Shot

*Sighs* yes, I AM still alive! but y'know, life is crazy.
went through my completed assignments, and I have at least 10 or so to
post here, but I doubt they'll all get up tonight. I'll settle for just
a couple so I can clean up my desktop abit..:)

So, this was for Commercial Catalog Class. we had to shoot a watch and then place it on a background, (either in Photoshop, like here, or in the shot) Thanks to Jenn for letting me use her watch. :)