27 September, 2006

Ahh just a quick one this time. here is a contact sheet of "Compositional motives" basically things to look for when one is trying to find a shot. :)
(I have yet to find whether this is actually what they want.. these are my best guesses :))

25 September, 2006

The first assignment

Ahhhh.. what a procrastinator I am. :)
Anyway, I've decided to post my assignments as I get them finished, so those of you with an interest can see what I've been doing.
This was an assignment on "the qualities of light" each shot had to represent a different quality. I think I got everything as it should be, but I have yet to recieve my mark. I'll put it in the comments when I recieve it.
Yes I am still alive! And even though I might not comunicate as often as I should I am paying attention. :)
Keep checking back, I'll be posting these fairly often I think :)