31 January, 2007

Business Portrait

This is the last time we are allowed to use other members of the program in our shots (for this class). This time we had to make a business portrait. I found this one difficult in many ways, because it had to follow a certain format, but then we had to still be creative in that format. I did to sittings and I got some good pictures, but I'm still not perfectly comfortable with this style.

The Third Dimension

So, on to stuff that I've actually DONE. :)

this is a compilation I had to make; using the white on white assignment, I had to create a scene using at least 3 images. here I used a photo of a bathroom, my body wash, and of some trees outside. Then I used various photoshop techniques to make it look all one picture.:)

Chiquita colour

Well, in the same idea, but for colour, we have Chiquita colour balance chart. one of my teachers took this shot and spent some time making the colours technically perfect. so we now can use this to measure skin tones, gray scales, hues and tints, and all sorts of great references for colour adjustments. :)

The Gray Scale

Well hi all! it has finally gotten busy enough to start turning out projects!..:) half of which are not all that interesting, however. a good many of them involve gray cards, or gray scales.

This is a gray scale. it is used to find an exact tone of gry, and from there, as a photographer, I can adjust exposures to make my subjects any tone I wish! (muahahahaaaa!) This system was invented my Ansel Adams as a way to systemize tone depth. so if someone said "this looks like zone 6" then we could know what he means. each zone is one stop of light difference in exposure. if zone 5 is 1 second of exposure, then zone 6 is 2 seconds, and zone 4 is 1/2 sec. and in an ideal world we would get tones similer to these shown here (also here, are the photoshop equivilant for each zone)
zone 5 is also used for what is known as a gray card. this tone is what all meters and light sensors try to make. which is why if you take a picture of something that is pure white, it ends up looking grey if you rely on whate your meter says.

23 January, 2007


Yes, Sharpening. this is to illustrate how sharpening effects the picture. it is also a necessity in digital photography. EVERY digital photo taken needs to be sharpened. in most point & Shoot cameras this is done automatically, but with the RAW files I'm working with it needs to be done on the computer. I'm not sure you can see it here, maybe try clicking on the picture and opening it up bigger. Or at least trust me, that there is a difference. :)

White on white

Hello all!
Ok, the first real project of the year! (well.. first one where I had to go and take a picture of something!) So this was in Commercial Catalogue class, we had to take a close croped shot of something white, on a white background. it was rather difficult, due to the fact that the entire class was there shooting at the same time. so people were getting in other peoples lights, or shooting sights, or whathave you... it was terribly difficult to work in. and for all that, I ended up with a slightly blurry picture! (shakes head) not the greatest work, but I plan to do better next time.

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13 January, 2007

new stuff

ok, well I made it through my first week of school of the second semester. I havent had any projects assigned yet, but I konw they're coming! so just wait! :)

aside from that I've started a couple other online project type things. there my face book.
there is my postings at photo4me.com . and then theres my new website! www.wolfprints.ca (of course theres nothing there just now, but I own the address! someday I'll find a host, and find some time to develope it as well!
Anyhoo! hope everyone is enjoying the new year! keep out of trouble, and keep in touch.

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09 January, 2007

Animal! :)

yes, just another quick sideline. it has infected my life with it's catchy tune, and sensless meanderings. So, I figured I would share the love! :D Enjoy!

03 January, 2007

David Caruso

Well, just a quick sideline... there is a show out there called CSI Miami, and the lead investigator from the show is played by David Caruso. However, he doesn't have any acting ability, so the writers have boosted the script by writing in one liners all over the show, and then having him put on, or take off his sunglasses. and
here is a video collection of a bunch of his clips.:) I fond it rather amusing...:)

02 January, 2007

Old Photo Repair

So... this one was the old family portrait that I spent so much time one earlier in the semester. But I did get it done, and printed and gifted. this first one is a scan of the origional image. It had been stored for years rolled up in someone's corner. so when I flattened it to scan it, it cracked. plus it had the rip on the left, and some other marks in assorted places.

and THIS is what I did with it.

and for all of you who think this is easy, well lets just say if I was charging for this, it would have been somewhere around $800, for this work.

Shiny bits

This one wasnt even a necessity, but if we completed the project, would could substitute the grade for a lower one we had gotten on an earlier project.

Comercial Exam

So this was my second exam. we had 2.5 hr's to setup our lighting, shoot the item, go through photoshop and edit, and then print and submit. it wasnt terribly hard, but the teachers were watching us every step of the way, and seeing what we did, and how.

The New Year!

Yes, well.... what can I say! :)
it's been a busy couple of weeks! finished my exams, drove to NB, stayed there for 10 days or so, traveling all over the provences visiting people, then my first plane trip back (Well first in MY memmory) then shopping, cleaning, and eating here in Mississauga. it's been kinda crazy, really! I have 6 days left before I have to go back to my second semester at school. I'm rather looking forward to it though.
I'll see if I can dig up the last few assignments that I had that never gopt posted, and hopefully get all set for posting through the coming new year.!
Merry xmas everyone! And a happy new year! (etc etc etc... ;))