24 April, 2006

done, and done!

Ah ha! well... it's been a crazy month or three: writing essays, working 4 nights a week, applying to collage. but it's all done for now! I finished my last essay 3 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I wrote my exam (And am still waiting for my marks). As of 2 days ago I'm done working now too...! So, now for the hard part! Me and Jenn are moving my stuff up to sussex first (on wed) then thursday we are moving her stuff to To. Then next week I am coming back to sussex, and then the next 3 weeks are going to be spent cleaning sorting, and throwing out all the usless junk that I've accumulated over the years! THEN I get to move a small amout of stuff to Toronto too...
It will all be a very interesting experience I think. I'm not sure how things will go in To. but I dont expect it to be bad! :) It will be nice to not be working for awhile I think, maybe I'll get a few of those projects done now, that I've been meaning to get done for years! Likely though I'll manage to get a posts in here a little bit more often.. Good day/night to you all!