24 May, 2006

Probably should put something up...

Well, I figured I should at least put something up before time wastes away too long and I don't have anyone check out my blog anymore! (Although I suspect that Jenn is the only one who checks regularly. Forever hopeful that I'll become a "blogger" :))
So I am now in Nova Scotia visiting with my many relatives, helping my grandparents with various chores, and just generally taking it easy. Last week I was recruited to look after mom's horse and to drive Jenna to her soccer meets. Alongside that, I was sorting the last of the stuff from Fredericton that hadn't been stored yet, and two weeks ago I finally finished the sorting and cleaning of my storage space. So all that is left for me to do, when I get back to NB this coming weekend, is to make sure I can get the stuff, that is selected for transportation, to Toronto. Also, I need to have a Yard-sale to sell the stuff I don't want to store anymore. When all that is done, I'll be free to actually GO to Toronto (well, Mississauga...).
And I'll finally get to see Jenn again. :)
I'll post more someday, and probably add some pictures too! Have a good week!

06 May, 2006

Last week me and Jenn headed to To. to move her and her stuff there. We rented a large car, after much debate, and filled it to the brim with almost everything that hadn't been sent home allready. Even so, she still had to ship 3 boxs!
We got there on Thursday night, and on friday we went and took a look at Humber College (One of two colleges I'm looking at going to in the fall). we did some hiking over the weekend out on the escarpment, and then on monday we went to look at the Georgian college in Barrie. After spending lots of time trying to find someone to give us a tour, we finally found the dean of the program to show us around. Afterwards, we drove up to a Awenda park and hiked around. Then Tuesday I headed to NB so I can get my junk cleaned up abit before I move down to To. too. It must be done! but I'm not looking forward to it... And on top of that, it's kinda lonely without Jenn.. :)